Getting psychological in Copenhagen

I recently moved to Copenhagen. What’s drawn me to this city?

Well of course, the famous design culture, the quality of public services and Danish pastries have all been an attraction for me.

Nevertheless, I’m particularly excited by a trend that is taking place here. Copenhagen is home to a movement that blends business and organisational practice with human sciences, such as psychology and anthropology. This is taking place in the academic sphere, with trail blazing research coming out of CBS and KU. But also there are several businesses working in this growing field. See consultancies RED Associates, Is It A Bird and Krukow, for example

As a strategist, I’ve always been very passionate about adding psychological depth to my work. That’s why I’ve come to this city to study a Master in “Cognition & Communication” at Copenhagen University. It’s a unique course that seeks to understand the psychological phenomena of communication, between people, between groups and with technology. With it, I hope to be able to give a new perspective on my client challenges.

What’s more, there’s a healthy start-up scene here in Copenhagen, with the Nordic countries punching above their weight in terms in the number and quality of successful tech businesses created. You could argue Copenhagen is at the centre of this Scandi start-up culture. Looking forward, as well as continuing to work with UK-based clients, both agencies and start-ups, I hope to begin to grow my network here in Copenhagen and work with some of these companies.

So, with that in mind, a new chapter in wonderful Copenhagen begins…

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