Open for business

If you’ve just got a minute, here’s the gist of things: Having done strategic marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands, I’m going freelance to help tech businesses and start-ups get their products into the hearts and minds of customers.

Wait, you say, “strategic marketing? Explain this jargon.”

Think everything that lays the marketing-y foundation for growing your business. That means I’m up to things like researching a market or understanding customers, building a brand, planning comms activity or setting up a trial for a new product. It’s a cocktail of commercial and creative, big picture and detail, if I say so myself.

I’m taking a slightly different approach to marketing strategy in comparison to many in the field. Basically, it’s lean. I put big brand marketing thinking though the agile machine of the start-up to produce great results, fast. At its best, this is strategy taken from whiteboard straight to test.

You might be thinking “Isn’t that what they’re calling growth hacking?”

I’m certainly fusing together elements of growth hacking with good old-fashioned brand building. However, growth hackers in tech companies tend to focus purely on acquisition. I take a broader remit. I look at all the building blocks of the brand to create something customers love and are loyal to.

All in all, it’s an approach inspired by the tech industry in order to serve the tech industry.

It’s also based on a fair amount of experience considering my current lack of grey hairs. I’ve had the fortune to learn my trade working with some of the world’s best marketing teams and on some of the world’s most admired brands; this includes working in marketing strategy for Telefónica O2 across Europe and the renowned marketing consultancy Added Value.

There is a vision driving all of this. It’s to be at the inception of truly game-changing technologies. I want to help pioneering companies find a place in their customers’ hearts, minds… and mobiles.

I’m now open for business. I’m working with some great clients and hope there will be many more to come. If that’s you, dear reader, get in touch. And for everyone else, thank you for you for reading.

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